Hatch CRM

Hatch goes beyond traditional CRM solutions to provide a complete sales force, database and marketing toolset for businesses of all sizes and any industry. With no servers or software required, this web-based platform is accessible anywhere, anytime via secure connection.

The Hatch dashboard and processes are easy to use and easy to customize, simplifying complex tasks to drastically reduce training time, minimize customer support and increase accountability in all aspects of your sales and marketing.

Hatch CRM provides a complete range of services that make managing your business easier, including:

  • Sales Automation: contact management, tasks, email alerts with customizable fields, tracking and search capabilities, custom information request and contact forms for any site, regardless of hosting
  • Task & Alert Integration with Outlook: set reminders and tasks with complete integration to your email program, automatically save contacts from Outlook back into your database
  • Email Marketing: Return Path-Certified Sender of Commercial Email with variable data, tracking and metrics down to the individual user
  • Robust Data Mining: target by market location and demographics with ROI data linked to individual campaign, placement and contact record, integrated surveys, and real-time data tabulation
  • Sales & Marketing Dashboard: lead sources, link performance, cost-per-lead, leads-per-placement and cost-per-sale analyses for real-time lead management and program performance
  • Metrics & Pipeline Reports: business intelligence including sales and marketing metrics, pipeline reports, call metrics and customizable pushbutton reports.

Keep more customers, spend less money and get the most out of your business with Hatch CRM.

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